Terms & Conditions :-
(1) Please note that we are not the owner of the ANY Classified Websites. So we are not responsible for any kind of activity done by YOU or by the website OWNER on these Classified websites which comes in our Classified Website List.
(2) We will give you Classified Website List for AD Posting purpose. We are Responsible to provide you only Classified website list against your payment. Over & above this, We are not Responsible for any thing. We are also not responsible for any websites rejected by your company, it is not our Matter.
(3) In case of AD POSTING TRICKS  AND TECHNIQUES PLAN we will teach you how you can POST an AD in very fast manner. More over we will teach you other TRICKS and TIPS by which you can reduce your overall Ad Posting timings. Our TRICKS will reduce your overall Work Timings and let the Time free for your other work.
(4) We will not bear any EXTRA CHARGES on the payment done by you. So consult your bank for any Extra Charges like D.D. charges, fund transfer charges. Our plans Rates are fixed, over & above our fixed rates you have to pay any Extra Charges. In case Cheque Bounce, you have to pay additional Cheque Bounce Charges.
(5) Discounts and benefits will be applicable only if you purchase more than one plan at a time. You must purchase two or more plan together with single amount of transaction to get benefit of discounted prices. If you purchase two or more plans at a different point of time, discount will not be applicable. Moreover, Pricing Discount is also available for EXISTING Customer. So If you are already Purchased any Plan from us, you can ask for Pricing Discount on next Purchase.
(6) You must AGREE our Terms & Conditions before purchasing our Product and also before making Payment to Us. If you are making payment we will assume that you have read all our TERMS & CONDITIONS. After making payment you must fill our PAYMENT CONFIRMATION RECEIPT.
(7) We will provide you Classified Website List once only. In future, for more New Websites, you have to purchase whole new Plan. Pricing Benefits are available for existing Customers.
(8) The payment that you made for our plans is NOT REFUNDABLE in any case.
(9) We Reserve the rights to change Terms & Conditions at any point of time without prior notice to any one.
Terms & Conditions Regarding Software only :-
(1) Both Softwares comes with Life Time Validity. You can not register this software in your name. This is our Company's Property and we will provide you this software with Life Time Validity. If you need Software to be register in your name you need to pay Rs. 5000/- extra to us for it and after that we will provide you 1 year registration validity with updates in your OWN NAME. Life Time Validity do not need any updates. It is already updated and customized for  AD POSTING work purpose.
(2) we will provide you 15 Days free support for CLICKER Software and 30 Days free support for FC Software. After free support time period support will be chargeable. Free Support includes AD POSTING support only like how to use software, how to use software options, option settings for AD POSTING and any other Software support related to AD POSTING only. We will teach you Software installation Only ONE time. If you will ask unnecessary software installation procedure again and again we will not do that and it will be chargeable after teaching you ONE time Installation. So Remember Installation, while we teach you. Set Up file for Clicker Software will not be provided to you. Software installation is as easy as normal software you install.
(3) You can use both software together.
(4) We will teach you complete Software Installation, Software Configuration and use of Software for AD POSTING work. We will also provide free support for the period as said above.
(5) If Software is not getting installed in your computer then you must visit your computer engineer for computer technical problems.

(6) Working style of both software is different. CLICKER Software need one click per entry whereas FC Software do it all the things automatically. Both Softwares works on 98 % Websites. 2 % websites contains high coding where software might or might not work.
(7) We have developed video while working with these two softwares and put 2 Software Demo videos separately above. Both Softwares works in the same way as shown in above videos. visit video as many time as you want and understand how software works and then decide.
(8) Switching Software after making payment will not be allowed. It means that after making payment if you think to switch to buy another software instead of current one that you purchased will not be allowed. So decide before making payment or Contact Us.
(9) If you have decided to purchase any Software then it is not necessary to purchase AD Posting tricks and techniques, because AD Posting tricks and techniques will reduce the same time without software. Even if you want to know tricks and techniques you can purchase it.
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